a heart for the city


David Lavery has been in full time church leadership for almost twenty years, and before coming to lead NewSpring Church in Ossett, spent seven years leading a church in the the city of York. He is married to Karen, who is a lecturer in nursing. 


“When we moved to West Yorkshire in 2012 we thought that we would only be here for a few years while we helped the church transition and develop a new leadership team for the future. However, we fell in love with the city and it’s people, and started to sense that this was the place God wanted us to put down roots and serve our community.”


In 2019 they made the decision to buy a home in the south side of the city and to begin a new church for the city. "We believe it is important to live in the heart of the community that we felt God was calling us into." 


“Our heart and vision as a church is to fulfil the great commission and make disciples for Jesus, at the same time we want to be a blessing to our city and to work and pray for it’s regeneration and prosperity. So Resurrection was the word that we felt summed up our heart and mission.”


We are still building our team and are looking for people to join us in Wlakefield for this great project. So, if you are interested and feeling like God is calling you to pioneer something new and exciting then please contact us.