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To be a growing movement not just a local church




The church was never meant to be contained inside a religious building. It was a dynamic growing movement that spread rapidly across the known world as apostles took the message of the Kingdom into new cities and regions. Wherever God opened a door the apostles went through it and found people who were ready to receive the Lord Jesus and new churches were planted, new leaders were raised up and nations were changed.


We will go wherever God opens a door for the gospel.




The home was central to life of the early church. In the unfolding story in the book of Acts, we see that new churches were birthed in homes, and it was from people’s homes that local church communities began to form and multiply. It is from our homes that we reach our communities with the gospel.


We see the home as central to church life.




Before the early believers were given the title “Christians,” they were simply called “disciples.” Jesus instructed his followers to “go and make disciples,” not just converts. Every person who comes to faith in Christ should be on a journey of growth and maturity, becoming increasingly like the Lord.


We are disciples, who are committed to making disciples.




We believe that every person has a call of God on their life and a part to play in God’s big plan. There is a word that is used throughout the New Testament to describe the relationship that the disciples had with one another and with the Lord Himself. It is translated into English in various places as communion, community, sharing, fellowship, participation and partnership. That Greek word is Koinonia, and it describes the care and concern that individual had for one another and their shared commitment to the cause of Christ.


We are partners on a mission, not just names on a members list.



All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness,
2 Timothy 3:16

We do not view the Bible through the lens of our culture rather we view our culture through the lens of God’s unchanging word. We believe that the Bible is the word of God and is therefore our plumb line for our teaching and practices.


To honour someone is to treat them with dignity, respect and appreciation. We first of all honour God by giving Him first place in everything and then we honour one another, giving value to each individual and appreciating each other’s differences, strengths and gifts.


To live with integrity means we are true to our word and our principles. It means that we are honest, trustworthy and reliable. We are the same in private as we are in public.


Grace is expressed in forgiveness and in understanding. It is a reluctance to leap to judgement and a desire to believe the best rather than assume the worst. Just as we have received grace and forgiveness through Christ we are to extend that same grace to one another.

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