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  • David Lavery

A new church community

In September 2019, six of us were released as a team by our sending church in Ossett to go and start the new church plant into the heart of Wakefield.

We had felt God highlight a particular area of the city, called Agbrigg, and we prayed specifically to find a house in the area for us to live in and for the church group to start meeting in. Praise God, we found a house that was exactly what we had prayed for and took possession in late September. However, the house was in need of a full renovation and we have had almost three months of living in a building site while we have had a complete rewire, as well as new heating, windows, plastering and flooring. We managed to get the major work done by Christmas and were able to start meeting in our home on a Sunday evening for food, fellowship and prayer.

At the start of this journey we received a significant prophetic word concerning the story of Lazarus in the New Testament. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and then instructed the people that were there to remove the grave clothes from him and set him free. In the same way, God has called us as a church to remove the (metaphoric) grave clothes from those he has raised to new life and help them to live the new life fully free and in the fulness of God's blessing. This is why we have named our new venture Resurrection Church.

Our heart and vision as a church is to fulfil the great commission and make disciples for Jesus, at the same time we want to be a blessing to our city and to work and pray for it's regeneration and prosperity. So Resurrection was the word that we felt summed up our heart and mission.

We are still building our team and are looking for people to join us in Wakefield for this great project. So, if you are interested and feeling like God is calling you to pioneer something new and exciting then please contact us.

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